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Yiddish Spelling

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Spelling Examples
kh (not ch) ikh, khazer (not ich, chazer)
sh (not sch) shof (not schof)
ts (not tz) tsu, kats (not tzu, katz)
tsh (not ch, tch, tsch) tshaynik, mentsh (not chaynik, mentch, mentsch)
-k (not -ck) shtik (not shtick)
ay (not ai, ei) nayn (not nain, nein)
ey (not ai, ei) eyn (not ain, ein)
oy (not oi) moyl (not moil)
final -l, -n (not -el, -en)
(unless n follows m, n, ng, nk)
shlimazl, shpiln
(but nemen, kenen, trinken)
(not shlimazel, shpilen)
no doubled consonants
(unless doubling results from adding a prefix to a root)
yidish, rinen
(but: aynnemen = ayn+nemen)
(not yiddish, rinnen)
no h after vowels mitsve (not mitsveh)
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